In no particular order, here is a list of  publications that we recommend for Arabic language learners who wish to expand their knowledge of Arabic script and sounds and consolidate what they have learned in class.

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Reference Guides 

  • Brief & Concise (Recommended for Beginner and higher level learners)
  • Fairly Comprehensive (Recommended for Intermediate Students)
  • Very Comprehensive & Detailed (Recommended for Intermediate – Advanced Students)

Study Workbooks

  • Contain useful consolidation exercises, drills & activities
  • Very useful for beginner level learners

Reference Material for Kinaesthetic Study

  • These include flashcards, posters, reference charts, etc.
  • Very useful for kinaesthetic and tactile learners

Specialised References

  • These are usually focused on specific areas of the language e.g. Arabic Typography, Arabic Calligraphy, etc.

Skill Levels

BEG. Brief & Concise |  INT. – Fairly Comprehensive |  ADV. Comprehensive & Complex

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WorkbooksAlif Baa Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds2010Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal , Abbas Al-TonsiGeorgetown University PressGet
WorkbooksThe Arabic Alphabet 2006Nicholas Awde, Putros SamanoSaqi BooksGet
WorkbooksRead and Write Arabic Script (Learn Arabic with Teach Yourself)2011Mourad Diouri Teach YourselfGet
WorkbooksMastering Arabic Script: A Guide to Handwriting 2005Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud GaafarRed Globe PressGet
WorkbooksRead and Speak Arabic for Beginners with Audio CD2015Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud GaafarMcGraw-Hill Inc.Get
WorkbooksArabic Script Hacking: The optimal pathway to learn the Arabic alphabet (Teach Yourself)2018Judith Meyer Teach YourselfGet
WorkbooksAhlan Wa Sahlan: Letters and Sounds of the Arabic Language2015Mahdi AloshYale University PressGet
WorkbooksAhlan Wa Sahlan: Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners: Sound and Script Workbook2009Mahdi AloshYale University PressGet
WorkbooksSugar Comes from Arabic! 2009Barbara WhitesidesInterlink BooksGet
WorkbooksArabic without Tears: Bk. 1: A First Book for Younger Learners2006Imran Hamza AlawiyeAnglo-Arabic Graphics LtdGet
WorkbooksGateway to Arabic (Book 1) 2002Imran Alawiye and Sadiq TomaAnglo-Arabic Graphics LtdGet
WorkbooksGateway to Arabic Extension: First Extension Bk. 12003Imran Hamza AlawiyeAnglo-Arabic Graphics LtdGet
WorkbooksGateway to Arabic Handwriting Book2003Imran Hamza AlawiyeAnglo-Arabic Graphics LtdGet
WorkbooksPocket Guide to Arabic Script2005Fayeq S. OweisHippocrene BooksGet
WorkbooksArabic Script: Reading and Writing Guide (Complete Basic Courses)2008Rym Bettaieb, Christopher A WarnaschLiving LanguageGet
WorkbooksTeach Yourself Arabic: Rules of Reading and Writing (Basic teachings) 1982A.T. AyyadTa-Ha Publishers LtdGet
WorkbooksWrite It in Arabic: A Workbook and Step-By-Step Guide to Writing the Arabic Alphabet 2009Naglaa Ghali Fun with ArabicGet
WorkbooksAl-birka A1-, Introduction to Arabic letters2014J. David Aguilar CobosEDITORIAL ALBUJAYRAGet
WorkbooksThe Macmillan Arabic Course, Book 1: Write to Left: Introduction to Script & Pronunciation1980Timothy Francis and Michael Frost Macmillan EducationGet
WorkbooksArabic Handwriting for Beginners2015 Selim Hakim, Faruq ImamCreateSpace Get
WorkbooksAlphabet Arabic Alphabet The Ultimate Guide2011tarek Mahfouzlulu comGet
WorkbooksLet’s begin to Read Arabic 2003 V Abdur RahimMESSAGE OF ISLAMGet
WorkbooksAlif Baa Trace & Write 1: Learn How to Write the Arabic Alphabet: Volume 1 2016 Alia KhaledAlif Baa WorldGet
WorkbooksIntroduction to Ruq'ah Script Lets begin to Read Arabic1979T. F. MitchellOxford University PressGet
WorkbooksIntroduction to Qur'anic Script1999Syed Barakat AhmadRoutledgeGet
Workbooks Letters and Meanings: Gateway to Arabic. Level A1.1 2019Victoria Aguilar, Miguel Ángel, Manzano Jesús Zanón EditumGet
WorkbooksArabic Reader 1980R.M. Ramuni MWH London PublishersGet
WorkbooksArabic Script - A Photographic Guide2020Andrew J SwiftCheckPoint PresGet
Reference Books Very Simple Arabic Script2003James PetersStacey InternationalGet
Reference Books A Brief Introduction to the Arabic Alphabet2009John Healey and Rex SmithSaqi BooksGet
Reference Books Arabic Script 2006Gabriel Mandel Kahn Abbeville PressGet
Reference Books The Development of the Arabic Scripts: From the Nabatean Era to the First Islamic Century According to Dated Texts (Harvard Semitic Studies)2019Beatrice Gruendler Get
Reference Books Writing Arabic: From Script to Type2009Stefan MoginetThe American University in Cairo PressGet
Kinaesthetic Material Flashcards Set 1 (Gateway to Arabic)2005Imran Hamza AlawiyeAnglo-Arabic Graphics LtdGet
Kinaesthetic Material Arabic Alphabet Snap2014 Iqra GamesIqra GamesGet
Kinaesthetic Material Arabic Flash Cards Cards 2011 Berlitz PublishingBerlitz PublishingGet
Kinaesthetic Material Arabic Alphabet Flash Cards: Written by Staff, 2011 Edition, (Flc Crds B)2011Goodword BooksGoodword BooksGet
Arabic Sounds & Pronunciation Mastering Arabic Vocabulary and Pronunciation 2018Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar Macmillan Master Series Get
Arabic Sounds & Pronunciation A complete guide to Arabic pronunciation and spelling (Through English sounds)2018Fethi A TaniIndependently publishedGet
Arabic Sounds & Pronunciation Levantine Arabic Introduction to Pronunciation (Language)2019Foreign Service Institute Department of State and Jacob Eli GoodsonIndependently publishedGet
Arabic Calligraphy Arabic Script 2006Gabriel Mandel Kahn Abbeville PressGet
Arabic Calligraphy Arabic Calligraphy: Naskh Script for Beginners2014Mustafa Ja'far, Venetia Porter British Museum PressGet
Arabic Calligraphy The Calligrapher's Garden2012Hassan MassoudySaqi BooksGet
Arabic Calligraphy Learn to Write Arabic Calligraphy2013Omar Nizam UddinOmar Uddin CalligraphyGet
Arabic Calligraphy An Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy2016Ghani AlaniSchiffer Publishing LtdGet
Arabic Calligraphy Arabic Calligraphy Mastery Series - THULUTH: A comprehensive step-by-step study of the Thuluth script2016Omar N. UddinCreateSpace Get
Arabic Calligraphy Arabic Calligraphy Set2014Maryam OvaisGet
Arabic Calligraphy Islamic Calligraphy 2008Sheila S. BlairEdinburgh University PressGet
Arabic Calligraphy Ink and Gold: Masterpieces of Islamic Calligraphy2006 Marcus Fraser, Will Kwiatkowski (Author)Sam FoggGet
Arabic Calligraphy The Cosmic Script: Sacred Geometry and the Science of Arabic Penmanship 2014Ahmed Moustafa, Stefan SperlThames and HudsonGet
Arabic Calligraphy Arabic Hurufiyya: Art and Identity 2016Charbel Dagher, Samir MahmoudSkira EditoreGet
Arabic TypographyWriting Arabic: From Script to Type2009Stefan Moginet The American University in Cairo PressGet
Arabic TypographyArabic for Designers: An Inspirational Guide to Arabic culture and creativity2017Mourad BoutrosThames and Hudson LtdGet
Arabic TypographyLetters of Light Arabic Script in Calligraphy, Print, and Digital Design 2017J.R. OsbornHarvard University Press Get
Arabic TypographyArabic Script in Motion: A Theory of Temporal Text-based Art 2019M. Javad KhajaviPalgrave MacmillanGet
Arabic Script For Speakers of Other Languages La Escritura En Arabe Es Facil2004Nicolas Weber El PuenteGet
Arabic Script For Speakers of Other Languages L'écriture arabe Le bruissement du Calame. Histoire de l'écriture arabe2011Gabriele Mandel KhânFlammarion Get
Arabic Script For Speakers of Other Languages Mektoub. Cahier pour apprendre à écrire en arabe 2015Mathieu Guidère and Joseph DichyEllipses MarketingGet
Arabic Script For Speakers of Other Languages Lire et écrire l'arabe (French and Arabic Edition) 2006 Larousse Staff Larousse EditionsGet


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